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Sponsored by Aon | Aon Offices, 2 Shenton Way | 12th July 2019

The Truth About Public Speaking!

WiRE hosted the Presence & Impact workshop on Friday, 12th July. Sponsored by Aon, the event was attended by over 60 professionals from across the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry.

Professional Actor and Trainer Victoria Mintey shared the techniques and exercises used by theatre actors empowering participants to try a different approach and improve confidence when public speaking. Victoria uncovered the myths and misconceptions about the art of giving an effective presentation, explained the science behind performance nerves plus gave tips on ‘Belly Breathing’.

The simple steps to physically and mentally prepare before presenting, how to engage with the audience and what really makes an impact.

It's a practical and punchy interactive session that unmasked the truth about public speaking. Very interactive, insightful and thought provoking.

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About the Workshop:

Goals and Learning Objectives:

The overall goal of this workshop was to share expertise and advice on public speaking and empower participants to try a different approach and improve their confidence and impact in this arena.

Event Description: The Truth About Public Speaking – sometimes the truth hurts!

When we want to influence our clients and colleagues, and really make an impact, face-to-face communication is key. But in many scenarios it can be difficult to make the mind- to-mouth connection, to say what we planned to say, to express ourselves the way we want to. And what is the ultimate test for our powers of clear and confident communication? When we stand alone with a host of expectant eyes looking at us.

Presentations! What many of us fail to realise is – a lot of what makes public speaking so hard is really created in our own heads! We need to develop a different mindset and stop holding ourselves back. What’s more…if we can master this when we are in the spotlight we can also begin to use the same approach in all those other tricky communication situations too – appraisals, town halls, networking, challenging meetings… the list goes on.

In this lively morning workshop, participants explored and uncovered myths and misconceptions about the art of giving an effective presentation. Participants learned: 

• the science behind performance nerves 

• simple steps to physically and mentally prepare before presenting

• what it takes to influence your audience 

• how to connect and keep them listening 

• how to keep your energy up and let your story flow. 

“We want to give you control over how your message lands and how you are perceived - even when the going gets tough and your nerves get going"

Trainer Profile – Victoria Mintey

Victoria helps her clients to improve their presenting and public speaking through Presence & Impact Training. Victoria has coached executives and teams from a wide range of industries. Clients include: CNN, Spotify, Barclays, BMW, Engie, JLL, EY, Old Mutual, RPC Law, Newline, Standard Chartered, SEA Consortium, The Fry Group, CCi, Rockett Design, salt Singapore, Flamingo, INSEAD, Clyde & Co. 

Born and raised in the UK, Victoria trained as an actor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London and holds a BSc. in Psychology and Anthropology (University of Durham). She continues to work as a theatre actor in parallel with her training and coaching. She works with leading names in the Singapore Arts community in productions of new work, Shakespeare, children’s theatre, internationally acclaimed writing and musicals. Victoria founded Wag the Dog Theatre in 2017, dedicated to putting artists in control of producing, funding and performing plays to exceptional, professional standards. 

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