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WiRE celebrated year-end with Networking, Games & Drinks

11 December 2019, Wednesday | It was time for fun and networking as WiRE hosted a year-end event with networking, golf games and drinks.

Held at Clubhouse SG, the year-end gathering was sponsored by MAPFRE RE.

Mr. Andres Lorenzana, Chief Executive of MAPRE RE Singapore Branch, teed off the event with a jovial message warmly welcoming the guests.

WiRE network members connected over drinks and golf simulated games. The cozy atmosphere encouraged a relaxed setting for conversations, and allowed everyone catching up on reinsurance renewals and market conditions. The easy and fun golf games available in the venue drove interests both from novice to serious golf enthusiasts - including ladies in heels!

MAPFRE RE's gift bag given to all attendees was filled with smart items - wine aerator pourer and Quokka stainless steel insulated bottle - thoughtful goodies for attendees to remember the event.

WiRE thanks MAPFRE RE and all who attended our Year-End event....we had a fun evening with you. We are looking forward to having you at our next exciting and insightful events in 2020!

View event photos here

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