Launched in 2016, Women in Reinsurance is a non-profit, volunteer-run association consisting of
Committee Members working across the reinsurance industry. With over 500 network members, WiRE hosts events to inspire and motivate young talents to pursue their ambition and achieve their full career potential as future leaders.  Our events include mentoring, personal development workshops and networking events. 


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Discover the most inspiring leaders of our industry as WiRE interviews respected leaders who inspire action at every level, who advocate diversity & inclusion, who empower and influence others with their admirable passion, commitment and values.

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Luck favors the prepared. Luck may open the door for you, may get you that chance introduction, but if you are not doing your homework, honing your craft and developing your skill set, you may not be in a position to take that opportunity. Take charge of your own development and be curious about the industry around you – that way you are ready for when opportunities knock.

Josh Brekenfeld

Director of Global Corporate Development


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Sharon Joanne Ooi

Managing Director, Head of Property & Casualty Underwriting Asia Pacific, 

Swiss Re Asia Pte. Ltd.

Be open, unassuming and respect differences. It is so important that everyone feels they have a place in the organization. And there is a clear business case for this – if you are happy, you deliver better results at work.

Maurice Williams

Managing Director, Willis Re

There should be no ceiling or obstacle to women succeeding in all areas and at every level of our industry. Somewhat fortuitously the pressure to achieve self-declared targets around gender-parity in leadership will open more senior doors to women in the short term. But the playing field was designed by men, to suit men, and is blatantly uneven. This needs to be overhauled with a particular focus on supporting parents through child-bearing and rearing years in an even-handed manner.

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Dominic Christian

Global Chairman Reinsurance Solutions, Aon

D&I demands that anyone is allowed to express who they really are and gain confidence that they can thrive at any level. It isn’t about ticking boxes or following impersonal processes. Whatever your age or experience have a mentor and mentor someone.

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Claudia Salem

CEO Property & Casualty, Asia Pacific, Allianz SE

Career journeys today require lifelong learning. To stay on the cutting edge you have to work hard and continue to invest in yourself, talent alone is not enough.

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Vanessa Teo

CFO & COO, Great American Insurance Company

Women are increasingly gaining influence and recognition in the corporate world. Multinational companies are increasingly committing to gender diversity and this is a big opportunity for women to take lead roles or roles which were traditionally dominated by men.

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