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Sponsored by Guy Carpenter | via Zoom | 28th January 2021, Thursday | 4:00PM

We did it! WiRE’s “Virtual Mentoring on the Move” was successfully held last week with overwhelming response.

The event has exceeded our expectations, attracting more than 50 Mentees from 21 insurance/reinsurance companies with 9 esteemed Mentors from a wide range of expertise and background.

”Mentoring on the Move” fosters interactive discussions, allowing participants the chance to get up close and personal with reinsurance industry senior executives.

Mentors were allocated into 9 breakout groups covering different topics regarding career progression & leadership, building professional network & branding, and staying connected & relevant in a Covid environment.

There was also an Open Forum for free exchange of questions following the breakout sessions.

Our Mentors candidly answered a lot of questions and provided plenty of genuine advices and practical tips.

Here are some of the takeaways from the sessions:

  • be sincere always; staying true to oneself are appreciated,

  • transparency and consistency go a long way,

  • maintain quality over quantity; add your value to conversations,

  • stay focus and learn by listening,

  • being visible. Something as simple as making a concerted effort to say something in every client meeting can make a difference,

  • say yes to offered opportunities to present at internal/external event for topics even when you don’t have expertise for it,

  • let your team know about your both personal and professional goals and progress to build supporting group in order to cope with Covid-19-related new work environment,

  • don’t be afraid to ask for something you deserve,

  • if networking is daunting for you, set small goals like just speaking to 1 new person every networking session that you attend,

  • adaptability is a very important skillset especially in surviving this Covid environment,

  • don't be afraid to admit you don't know something. Ask questions so you can learn/clarify,

  • most times, the toughest part of your careers are actually the defining moments.

Our warmest thanks to our Sponsor, Guy Carpenter and all our Mentors for making this event a reality. Hear what our Mentors had to say after the mentoring session:

  • Thank you WiRE team - enjoyed the session and meeting the mentees! – George Attard, Aon Reinsurance Solutions

  • Thanks all. Was glad to be part of it! Very well executed! – Priscilla Foo, Swiss Re

  • Hi Team WIRE, thank u for the invitation to this wonderful event. Great job.! It was very well organized. Very smooth event.. Look forward to take part in other WIRE events in future – Kenrick Law, Allianz Re

  • Well done and congratulations WiRE!! Very well organised and run event. It was great to be part of it – Pavlos Spryropoulos, Lloyd’s Asia

  • Well done WIRE - I thought that was a great success. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it – Carolyn Shreeve, Allied World

  • Wonderful event! Delighted to be included. Thank you! – David Flandro, Howden Insurance Group

  • Dear WiRE team, thanks a lot for the invitation and the perfect organisation! Very well done! I really enjoyed the event and I am always happy to support any of WiRE’s initiatives. Thanks - Theresia Lochner, Munich Re

To all our Mentees, thank you for your participation - we admire your commitment to pursue connection and learning through these challenging times. You all made “Mentoring on the Move 2021” a worthwhile initiative.


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