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Sponsored by Aon | Aon Offices, 1 Shenton Way | 11th July 2017

”‬Mentoring on the Move‭” ‬fosters interactive discussions‭, ‬allowing participants the chance to get up close and personal with senior industry experts‭, ‬and openly ask real questions and receive genuine advice‭ ‬and fresh insights‭, ‬with real practical tips to inspire them to attain their career aspirations‭.‬

The event attracted 34‭ ‬participants from 20‭ ‬insurance/reinsurance companies who were divided into small groups and were given 15‭ ‬minutes to discuss a career issue or challenge with a Mentor‭, ‬before moving on to the next Mentor‭.  ‬In total‭, ‬each group had the opportunity to speak with six different Mentors for career advice on six core themes‭ – ‬Career Progression‭ & ‬Leadership‭; ‬Building a Professional Network‭; ‬Personal Branding‭; ‬Building Confidence‭; ‬Mentoring Skills‭; ‬and Managing Teams‭. ‬There was also an Open‭ ‬Forum for free exchange of questions on any career topic of their choice‭.‬

Networking and drinks reception followed the speed mentoring sessions‭.  ‬

View event photos here.

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