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Sponsored by XL Catlin | XL Catlin Offices, CapitaGreen | 28th September 2017

Work-Life Balance (WLB) is this age-old topic just a clichéd fallacy or is it really possible to find harmony between life and‭ ‬work‭? ‬

An interactive conversation with the leading figures of our Industry‭, ‬as they attempt to answer the ultimate question‭ – ‬is it ever possible to‭ “have it all?”   ‬Moderated by Ann Chua‭, ‬our panel addressed creating WLB in today’s mobile‭, ‬digital world from a corporate and personal perspective as well as the challenges and rewards of finding a lasting WLB whilst pursuing demanding professional careers‭.‬

Networking and drinks reception followed the discussion‭.  ‬

View event photos here

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