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WiRE “Webinar Series” presents Ms Simone Heng

WiRE is hosting a series of short webinars focused on ways to manage and motivate oneself, how to stay connected and thrive during and post crisis. We will be collaborating with various speakers, who will be sharing their insights from various perspectives and addressing some questions on leadership, productivity, impact on personal and professional lives.

The next Webinar Series is on 29th April 2020, Wednesday with Ms Simone Heng as the guest speaker:

How to Connect Authentically via Technology with Colleagues & Clients

29th April 2020, Wednesday, 1:00 - 1:30 PM SGT

via GoToWebinar

This is a free webinar and open to male and female re/insurance professionals.


Human Connection Specialist

& Professional Speaker


About Simone

Simone Heng is a Human Connection specialist, professional speaker and presentation skills coach. Over her one and a half decade-long career in the entertainment industry, Simone’s job was to build memorable connections with audiences on stage, on air, online and one-to-one.

Hopping countries from the age of 17, Simone was based for 5 years on air in the Middle East with Virgin Radio’s award-winning Virgin Radio Dubai (2009-2014), on air with Australia’s competitive Southern Cross Austereo (2014-2015) and finally back to Singapore, the country of her birth, with Class 95FM (2015-2019).

Simone has studied speech writing in London under Tony Blair’s former speechwriter Philip Collins. Simone has a communications degree from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia with a major in Literary Studies and a minor in Performance studies. She also studied in Switzerland and speaks German and understands Swiss. However, it is her cross-continental adventures which have allowed her to become a true student of Human Connection and she now speaks to organisations on the connection techniques which will transform how you work, live and meet people in a world where disconnection is growing.


Watch this space for updates on our upcoming webinars.

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