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WiRE's Year-End Event featured in AIR's Diversity & Inclusion section

WiRE’s recent Year-End event which was sponsored by MAPFRE Re, has been featured in the Asia Insurance Review’s January 2020 issue under the Diversity and Inclusion section.

Mr. Andres Lorenzana, Chief Executive of MAPFRE Re Singapore Branch emphasised that:

“We should consider employees as people independent of their gender. We do not have to follow traditional gender roles anymore now that women are on the same playing-field as men. However, the truth is that there still seem to be fewer women than men in the industry and this is something we will have to cope with in the near future” .

This is where WiRE, a sub-committee under the Singapore Reinsurers’ Association, promotes the development of women professionals by organising mentoring activities and upskilling workshops. WiRE also steps in to bridge the gender diversity gap by supporting efforts on D&I awareness through network and industry events. These includes events celebrating women entrepreneurs, talented and inspirational women of the reinsurance industry.

Read the full magazine feature here:

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