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WiRE Launches “Webinar Series” with first series on managing oneself in times of crisis

WiRE is hosting a series of short webinars focused on ways to manage and motivate oneself, how to stay connected and thrive during and post crisis. We will be collaborating with various speakers, who will be sharing their insights from various perspectives and addressing some questions on leadership, productivity, impact on personal and professional lives.

The first Webinar Series is going to be presented by Ms Helena Day on 24th April 2020, Friday:

Managing oneself in times of crisis: Thriving during Covid-19 and beyond

Gain valuable insights into how to manage your inner self and understand your neuroscience whilst ensuring productivity and success as WiRE discuss these extraordinary times with Helena Day.

24th April 2020, Friday, 1:00 - 1:30 PM

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Personal Coach, Business Consultant and

Rapid Transformational Therapist


About Helena

Helena specializes in Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Performance Coaching and Executive Coaching. As a coach Helena has worked with hundreds of clients internationally. Her clients range from C-Suite executives who are levelling up, to teams who need to communicate better, and individuals who are holding conscious and subconscious barriers to their own success.

Helena brings a unique blend of different techniques together to support her clients. She is PCC ICF certified coach and a Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner (a blend of the best of NLP, CBT and hypnotherapy) as well as being certified in embodied transformation and neuroscience methodologies. She helps her clients to shift their stories about themselves, others and life itself to create more success and fulfilment.

Helena frequently runs personal development workshops in Singapore and also curates and leads transformational programmes throughout Asia which enable participants to gain insight into their inner worlds and shift their mindset for success.

Helena is a trained yoga instructor and her other passions include travel and scuba diving. When not working, Helena spends the majority of her time running after her 2 active children.


Watch this space for updates on our upcoming webinars.

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