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Watch video of part 3 of WiRE's “Webinar Series”

WiRE's third series of webinars concluded last Friday, which featured Ms Sabrina Ho, CEO and Founder of Half the Sky, a career platform for women in Asia, connecting women to career opportunities at companies that care.

Sabrina delivered a concise and inspiring session on crafting an effective career strategy (short, mid and long term) during these uncertain times. Her session generated a huge interests especially on resilience, career shifts, practical tips on how to make a standout CV and building a personal brand on Linkedin. She shared tips on how to prepare for virtual interviews (do research, practice and keep energy level up by 20%) and future proof career by focusing on building the growth mindset (do skills audit, re-train, re-learn, re-skill, take advantage of available free resources e.g. online courses provided by ivy league schools).

Missed the session? Watch the full video recording of Sabrina's session below:


About Sabrina

Sabrina has been working in the talent solutions industry across Asia Pacific for over 10 years and is passionate about unlocking the potential of individuals in the workforce.

She founded half the sky ( - a career and headhunting platform connecting female professionals with equal opportunity employers. Through half the sky, Sabrina hopes to empower women in the workplace and level the playing field for women at work.

Currently resides in Singapore, Sabrina was born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in Hong Kong, New York and Beijing. Sabrina speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Watch this space for updates on our upcoming webinars.

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