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In celebration of the Dive In Festival, WiRE releases "Portraits of Diversity" e-book

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

In celebration of the Dive In Festival 2020 Singapore, WiRE proudly presents:

“WiRE Portraits of Diversity” 

WiRE and Swiss Re have jointly hosted an activity during the Dive In Singapore Festival last year, Titled “Portraits of Diversity” - a collaborative work to celebrate diversity around us.

WiRE Committee members and a professional photographer took portrait photos of some of the attendees of the festival and asked them to share their own personal statements on diversity.

We are therefore pleased to present "Portraits of Diversity", which features a visual representation of the different cultures and background among us in the industry and the convictions of our colleagues  - a few words on what diversity and inclusion means to them, what they are advocating for, and what makes them a unique individual.

Read why diversity & inclusion matters to our colleagues in the industry:

Let's continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion and accord each other the respect we all deserve.

"Portraits of Diversity" e-book will be available for viewing on the WiRE website until 15th October 2020.


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