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As we slowly adapt to living in this new normal, WiRE aims to help you connect with your peers in the industry as you get to learn about their life and experiences and foster new friendships along the way. 

September 2021

Lee Hui Ping.jpg


Treaty Underwriter,
Korean Re

What do you like to do during your free time?

Trekking. Doing workouts from YouTube. Watching Korean variety shows such as “Running Man” and dramas like “Vincenzo”


What surprised you most about this industry?

That reinsurance actually exists. I only knew about insurance before joining the industry.


What are your main takeaways from working in (re)insurance?

There is always something new to learn!

Describe your best work-related trip

Korean Re Seminar which I participated in 2017 May in Seoul. I had a chance to interact with industry people from all over the world in one location and we had fun taking part in activities like Korean cooking class and wearing Hanbok, as well as cruising the Han River.

What do you like to do during your free time?

Catching up on sleep of course! However, apart from that, I enjoy doing exercise such as running, brisk walking, hiking and yoga. During the circuit breaker and recent Phase 2 heightened alert, I also picked up embroidery and started to do skipping. On days where I feel lazy, I would just Netflix or listen to music on sportify. 


What will you do if you strike a lottery? 

Plenty of things I wish to do which include travel the world when Covid-19 is over, buy a property or invest in a few assuming I win big enough and continue working for leisure. Not forgetting, to donate some to help people in need.


How would you define yourself in three words?

If I can only pick 3 then it shall be Patient, Resilient, Adaptable

What would you be if you were not working in this industry? 

During my study years, my best subjects were actually Art and craft, Home Economics, Design and Technology.

I don't really fancy Mathematics or Science. It is kind of ironic that I've landed myself in this role which highly emphasize in these two major subjects. Well, life is unpredictable, right? You would really not known what the future holds or where your life journey would take you. If I am not working in this industry, I would love to do something related to design – Perhaps an interior or fashion designer? 

Ho Xueting.jpg


Treaty Underwriter,
Allianz Reinsurance

Tay Si Wei.jpg


Senior Reinsurance Claims Officer, 
Berkley Re Asia

What is your favourite artist/band/song that you can listen on repeat

Sunset lover – Petite Biscuit

Must watch movie
The most recent good movie that I watched was Togo. It is based on a true story about a sled dog hero who ran an arduous long journey to deliver serum to save the children in a remote Alaskan town during the 1925 disphtheria outbreak. A heart-warming movie. 

What are your main takeaways from working in (re)insurance?

It is definitely not a dull industry! I think that there is so much to learn in reinsurance amid a dynamic and fast changing world.

Describe your best work-related trip
Shanghai in 2019 as that was my last work trip before the pandemic hit. 

What is your favourite television genre? 
I love comedies! I can watch reruns of Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Big Bang Theory on repeat.

Would you rather go hang gliding or relax on the beach watching the hang gliders? 
Go hang gliding of course! While it is nice to relax on the beach, I enjoy doing thrilling activities more! 

What is one important skill that you think everyone should have? 
Communication. Every job entails some form of communication and I think that being able to communicate adequately is important. Whether it is with your clients, your colleagues or your bosses, we need to be able to articulate our position and avoid misunderstandings. 


What is the best advice you have ever received

A rolling stone gathers no moss! It is an old proverb meaning that a person who is always travelling or changing jobs has no responsibilities. Early in my career, someone wise once likened this to the skills and knowledge that we pick up in our work and if we moved around too soon, we would not be able to learn in-depth or reap the benefits of having sufficient experience from our jobs. It has stuck with me over the years.


Jo Loy.jpg


Associate Director, Aon

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