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As we slowly adapt to living in this new normal, WiRE aims to help you connect with your peers in the industry as you get to learn about their life and experiences and foster new friendships along the way. 


Aisyah Muhammad Fuad.jpg


Team Lead & Senior Client Manager, 
Swiss Re

What do you like to do during your free time? 

Cooking for the family - I try new recipes often - and weekend long walks with friends.

Must watch movie

Green Book is a lighter and enjoyable take on class and race issues  with two fantastic lead performances. And for the kids - we loved Inside Out.


Describe your best work-related trip 

I always look forward to team overseas offsites. They’re good fun and allows one to connect with people you have been working with closely the whole year, or, get to know new colleagues and expand your network. One particular memorable one was in Seoul in the summer of 2016. There was a noraebang experience, a Han river cruise and dinner and we heard from a senior exec of Kakao Talk himself about thriving amidst competition.

What’s your pet peeve?

Rather, I hope I never mis-spell or mis-pronounce anyone’s name. Names are so intimate and personal - deserving of the respect and care to be spelled and pronounced correctly :)

What do you like to do during your free time?

During my free time, I usually spend time in cooking, watching Korean drama, and sometimes playing badminton.


What are you most afraid of? 

Giant cockroach in Singapore. I still could remember the first day when I arrive Singapore, the two giant cockroaches “jogging” around my washroom, when for the first time I knew that cockroach can be as big as such…


Favourite place/food

Taiwan, and Taiwan beef noodle.

If you had to choose a different career, what would it be?

I would probably become a researcher on environment related topics.

Qingyao Yu.JPG


Client Manager,

Reeta Ambaran.jpg


Underwriter - Specialty Treaty, Asia,
Beazley Group

How would you define yourself in three words?

Principled, persistent and determined

Best vacation you ever took and why?

I ventured on a solo trip in a 4x4 vehicle across vast isolated stretches in Namibia. It is a country bordering South African on the North Western side. I drove from Windhoek, South-west to the Sossusvlei dunes and then up North West again to Swakopmund, which is a coastal city south of the famous Skeleton Coast. All by myself exploring all the different landscapes, wild animals and birds and of course the world famous dunes. The trip entailed a lot of driving (approximately 1000 km) which luckily I enjoy. More importantly though it allowed me time for some serious self-reflection and helped to build up my confidence as I need to be totally self-sufficient. I think everyone, at least one in their lifetime should take at least one trip all by themselves.

What do you like to do during your free time?

Spending time with friends, watching  TV, and currently I’m learning French

Three things you can’t live without

  • The love and support of my family

  • My phone

  • Ice cream

Three things I cannot live without

Coffee, mobile phone and my hyperopia specs!


What is your hobby? 

Most recent and still hanging on is caricature drawing after attending some classes during pandemic last year.

A good test on my patience and eye for details.


Best vacation and why

I have not been to many places but Japan is my favourite especially Hokkaido during spring time, just lounging about and enjoy the great weather, cherry blossom and great food.

How do you start your workday?

I try to jog every other day since last year which helps me stay alert at work and of course, a cup of black coffee whilst I clear the emails.

Sally Wee.jpg


P&C Underwriter,

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