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As technology continues to bring sweeping changes across all industries, WiRE aims to raise awareness of new technology applications and innovation in insurance, in addition to featuring diverse talents in this area. We hope these conversations will inspire a community of future-ready insurance professionals.  

Webinar Session 7

7th July 2021, Wednesday

1:00 - 2:00 Pm SGT

"Artificial Intelligence in Insurance"

In the second of this tech series, we invite Dr Fan Yang, Head of Analytics Solutions at Munich Re, who will share how artificial intelligence and machine learning help bring efficiencies to insurance industry.


We will share the trend of most recent AI development, and examine a few practical insurance industry use cases across the whole insurance value chain.


She will also share her personal career journey and advice to young professionals and students looking for a career opportunity in the insurance and tech sector.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Fan Yang

Head of Analytics Solutions at Munich Re for South-East Asia, Japan, Korea and India


“Dr. Fan Yang is Head of Analytics Solutions at Munich Reinsurance Company. She is leading innovation in insurance solutions, designing and launching data analytics services using advanced machine learning and AI for clients in SEA, Japan, India, and Korea. Prior to this, she worked at Ernst & Young Singapore as Data Science Manager where she was responsible for providing end-to-end analytics consultancy services with specific focus on AI and machine learning.


Dr. Yang received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore, with focus on Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied to power systems optimization."


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